"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"

When you give a Catholic Religious Sister, just about anywhere, the opportunity to complete a university degree your reward is life-changing and never ending. The charism of each congregation, whether they be Franciscan, Dominican, Cistercian, Benedictine or others, but especially those in missionary fields to help the poor and marginalized in society, they often need education for themselves. This education could be for medical doctors, nurses, technicians or teachers of nursery Schools all the way though Universities. Unique to their vocations, many need education for theology and or philosophy. When you Adopt-A-Nun, you are empowering them to better serve others in need.

Brides of the Lamb GROUP-1-438590-edited.jpgSupporting the education of a young woman who has devoted her life to God is a vital service which will go a long way to improve the lives of poor and marginalized people everywhere.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"(Hosea 4:6)


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